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I need to extract numbers from the text in the calculation stage in Blue Prism. The text is "Please take note of your order reference: 123" The number"123" changes every in each case, every time a new order has been placed. I need to extract the number from the end of this and into a data item. I am currently using:

Right("Please take note of your order reference:","3")and it is not working.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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See the issue with your code is right([reference], 3) will return the last 3 characters of the [reference], what you want to do is get the digits after some point in your string correct?

So what you can do you can subtract the length of the string which is constant, for example, your [refernce] contains a string of length n, out of which first 5 is constant for and you want values post 5, so what you can use is  


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