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I am using Jenkins 2.46.1 I have a build pipeline plugin installed and I want to execute a Windows batch file in it. The batch file should execute in a new command window and not on Jenkins console output. I give the below Jenkins pipeline groovy script:

node {  

    stage 'Init'

    bat '''

        call C:\\myprj\\mybat.bat stop

        EXIT /B 0


    stage 'Deploy'

    bat '''call C:\\myprj\\mybat.bat'''


In the init stage, I want to kill the process if it is already open and in stage deploy it should open a new command window and run my batch file. The problem is that the above does not work. The build is successful but no command window opens up. Please suggest.

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To launch a new command window (cmd.exe) and run the batch file given.

You can use 

bat 'start cmd.exe /c C:\\myprj\\mybat.bat'

This command will do what you are asking that should be able to run.

Note: It depends on the working of your jenkins slave.

If you wish, you can learn more about Jenkins on Jenkins Tutorial and Jenkins Certification.

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Can I run the Bat file from its original location?
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No you cannot run the bat file from it's original location. If you try to run from a temp location  created by durable task system.Your script might not return the path.
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It helped, thanks!
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It worked for me.
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Thanks, Your answer worked well.
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The reason why you must open in a new command window is that the batch file will run a server. The command window remains open as long as the server is running. So the build will always show as 'getting executed' and never as 'completed
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nice solution worked for me!!!
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Good explanation. Thank you.
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Just replace cmd \k with call

The Execute Windows Batch command is running inside a cmd already so no need to specifically start a new one. Just "call" your BAT file.

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why in some jobs we can use CMD to run, but in some jobs, it cannot?
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Create file name jenkins.bat and place this file where your jenkins.war file is available.

You have to click jenkins.bat file.

Note :- After click on jenkins.bat file, chrome browser will automatically open with jenkins url.

Try this If your system configured with Java 8 or 7 Installation.

timeout 3

start chrome http://localhost:8080

timeout 3

java -jar jenkins.war

Try this If your system configured with Java 10 or above Installation.

timeout 3

start chrome http://localhost:8080

timeout 3

java -jar jenkins.war --enable-future-java

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You can try like this,  first point it to the path where your bat file exists, and then 'call' command to trigger that bat file. As below:

cd yourFilePath

and then

call yourFile.bat

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