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When I load Visual Studio 2012 up, it will attempt to connect to the previous TFS server that it was connected to.

On one of my machines (that also happens to connect to occasionally TFS2008 and TFS2010 servers) always seems to default to completely the wrong account for connecting to Visual Studio Online (tfspreview), and if I were to try and get the latest version, it'll give an error of the form:

Microsoft Visual Studio

Source Control Explorer

TF204017: The operation cannot be completed because the user (Account Service ([my tfs server]) does not have one or more required permissions (Use) for workspace [my workspace];[my live id].


How can I influence Visual Studio 2012 to default to the correct credentials, rather than a seemingly fictional Account Service one?

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I had faced the similar problem, I could not connect to TFS with my credentials. Later on I figured out that the user who had created the image (Using Hyper-V), stored his account in the Credential Manager.

It could never be resolved using the Visual Studio. In order to solve this, I had to open Credential Manager in my control panel and then I had to edit the Generic Credentials to be my own account. I then closed the visual studio 2012, and then opened it again, and the again connected it with TFS.

It will prompt you towards your credentials.

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