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I have a list:

my_list = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']

and want to search for items that contain the string 'abc'. How can I do that?

if 'abc' in my_list:

would check if 'abc' exists in the list but it is a part of 'abc-123' and 'abc-456', 'abc' does not exist on its own. So how can I get all items that contain 'abc'?

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We have several methods to get the items associated with abc some of the important is as follows:-

To get all the items containing abc you can use the list-comprehension below is the piece of code that illustrates how we do that:-

my_list = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']

matching = [s for s in some_list if "abc" in s]


If you want to know more about the list-comprehension you can visit the following website:-

Another thing you can use the filter method to get the items associated with abc:-

my_list = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']

print filter(lambda x: 'abc' in x, my_list)


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