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I have a long R script that throws some warnings, which I can ignore. I could use


for single statements. But how can I suppress warnings in R globally? Is there an option for this?


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To suppress warnings in the global settings, you can use the warn option in options function as follows:


To temporarily suppress warnings in global settings and turn them back on, use the following code:

defaultW <- getOption("warn") 

options(warn = -1) 


options(warn = defaultW)

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You want options(warn=-1). But, note that warn=0 is not the safest warning level and it should not be assumed as the current one, particularly within scripts or functions. Thus the safest way to temporary turn off warnings is:

oldw <- getOption("warn")

options(warn = -1)

[your "silenced" code]

options(warn = oldw)

Hope this answer helps you!

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