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I'm aiming to move the contents of my downloads folder after running the automated process of downloading around 1000 phonecalls (long story but the BT archiving tool doesn't work and they aren't responding to our emails about why it's not working.

I have created a custom folder variable (just a fancy version of the date variable) and so the robot will create the folder as this bot runs on the same day every week.

I'm unable to transfer all the downloads from the downloads folder using the keystroke options oddly... I can use "CTRL+a", "CTRL + x" but "CTRL + v" doesn't want to work once the folder is open and has been made the active window...

Any suggestions on how to move all these files? the downloaded files are actually .zip folders so I can't use the "Copy files" function.

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you can use the copy folder option instead of all that you are doing .you just pass in the source folder and the destination. You can use a wildcard here if needed as well. You could loop over "Each Folder in a Folder" and run your source as \\location\*.zip

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