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I have a data factory that reads from a table and stores the output as a CSV to Blob Storage.

I have noticed that instead of leaving a NULL field blank it inserts the NULL character \N.. Now the external system that is ingesting this can't handle \N.

Is there any way in my dataset where I can say leave nulls blank.

Below is my dataset properties:

  "typeProperties": {

        "fileName": "MasterFile-{fileDateNameVariable}.csv",

        "folderPath": "master-file-landing",

        "format": {

            "type": "TextFormat",

            "columnDelimiter": ",",

            "firstRowAsHeader": true


        "partitionedBy": [


                "name": "fileDateNameVariable",

                "value": {

                    "type": "DateTime",

                    "date": "SliceStart",

                    "format": "yyyyMMdd"





Thanks in advance. 

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We just need to set the Null Value to " " when we set the dataset.

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