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I have to develop a Robot which has to work for 7 days. I've created the process and my question, do I have to create a Work Queue and configure my Process or how do I do that.

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Work queue creation is not a compulsory task, it all depends on the process.

I'd recommend you to use create and use work queues as it has many benefits including:

  1. It will keep track of the number of records that get processed
  2. Easy to generate the business report (success fail etc)
  3. For each record item, it will give us the status whether it is been executed successfully or got an exception
  4. We can easily track the error.
  5.  If suppose BOT execution is getting failed due to some reason and we need to restart the BOT then,  BOT will not pick the executed item if we are using a work queue. It will pick the next pending item from the work queue. If we are not using work queue, BOT will/can pick the items which were executed previously. There is no point to pick the items which were already got processed.

here's a documentation for more details

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