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I want to do a mouseover function over a drop-down menu. When we hover over the menu, it will show the new options. I tried to click the new options using the XPath. But cannot click the menus directly. So, as the manual way, I am trying to hover over the drop-down menu and then will click the new options.

Actions action = new Actions(webdriver);

WebElement we = webdriver.findElement(By.xpath("//html/body/div[13]/ul/li[4]/a"));


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To carry out this task of mouse hovering over a web-element Selenium, we use the Actions class. The Actions class provided by Selenium Webdriver is used to generate complex user gestures including mouseover, right-click, double click, drag, and drop, etc.

Code snippet to mouseover

 Actions action = new Actions(driver);

WebElement element = driver.findElement("elementId"));


Here, we are instantiating an object(named: action) of Actions class. After that, we pass the WebElement(located using id) to be mouse hovered as a parameter to the moveToElement() method present in the Actions class. Then, we will call the perform() method to perform the generated action.

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