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I've started learning about Microsoft Azure last year and one of the services provided was the Cloud Services. The way I understand Cloud Services is that it is a service meant to allow one to build N-tier apps. So it is possible to set, for instance, a Web Role hosting one ASP.NET Web API project and some Worker Roles for background processing and so on. There was also the Web Sites service.

Now at Build 2015 it was presented Azure App Services which basically is made of

  • Web Apps
  • API Apps
  • Logic Apps
  • Mobile Apps

Now I don't get when one should use Cloud Services and when one should use App Services. I mean, I got the impression that Web Apps together with API Apps and Logic Apps is the same as Cloud Services, but I'm not sure.

So, what is the difference between Cloud Services and App Services and when one should be chosen instead of the other?

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They both are almost similar except that you have more control over the VMs. You can access your software remotely that are on the VMs which use Azure Cloud Service.

In terms of ease of use, Cloud service is a little difficult to use and a little slower than App Service. 

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