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When I create a new measure with formula, i.e. sum(col1)/max(col2), it automatically converts the result into #.#% format. Strangely, it doesn't happen all the time; sometimes it just gives result #.## format.

Any idea of how to format a new measure (not column) to be treated as percentage?

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  • There is an option in Power BI, in the taskbar when you enter your measure. For Power Pivot in Excel, you can select the format directly in the measure editor or editor for calculated fields. The name depends on your version of Excel you are using. To do it manually, you can also use the Format() formula:

= FORMAT(Sum(Table[Field]),"0.00%")

  • Another way to convert the value into % in Power BI Desktop is to create a measure with a simple Divide formula and then click on the name of measure in the “fields” section and then go to the “modeling” tab and select % sign in the Formatting section. The field will automatically be converted to % value.

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