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I have been trying to insert a date when a user decides to deactivate or activate an UserID. I am trying to use an SP to trigger that but apparently, this is harder than I thought it would be.

I can do a


to get the date but is there any way to insert that information from GETDATE and put it into a column I want?

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To insert a new row into the given table (tblTable) :

INSERT INTO tblTable (DateColumn) VALUES (GETDATE())

To update an existing row :

UPDATE tblTable SET DateColumn = GETDATE()
 WHERE ID = RequiredUpdateID

Note that when Inserting a new row you have to observe any constraints which are on the table - most probably the NOT NULL constraint - so you may need to provide values for the other columns eg...

INSERT INTO tblTable (Name, Type, DateColumn) VALUES ('John', 7, GETDATE())

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