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As I recently started mingling around with Windows Azure, I've came up to a situation where, which one to go for between the Block Blob & Page Blob. I'm currently in progress of uploading some text, csv or dat files to a blob storage and then do a MapReduce program for it using my C# program. Yes I've gone through some articles such as article1, article2.

But couldn't get a clear idea from them. To cut short, Block Blob vs Page Blob. Any help would be appreciated.

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Block Blobs: It is an accumulation of small blocks that have their own unique block IDs. One block blob can contain up to 50,000 blocks. You can work parallelly by uploading multiple blocks at a time which decreases the upload time. The size of a single block blob is slightly higher than the normal, 4.75 TB, so the total size is 100 MB x 50,000 blocks. You can insert, delete, and replace blobs.

Page Blobs: They are comprised of 512-byte pages that are optimized for arbitrary read and write operations. To create a page blob, you must first define the maximum size of the blob. You can then add or update the content of the page blob. The maximum size of a page blob is 8 TB.

For details, click this link:

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