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I am having the below SQL query:

DECLARE @MyVar datetime = '1/1/2010'    

This normally returns '1/1/2010'.

What I need to do is have a list of dates, say:


Then I need to FOR EACH through the numbers and execute the SQL Query.

Something like (pseudocode):

List = 1/1/2010,2/1/2010,3/1/2010,4/1/2010,5/1/2010

For each x in List
  DECLARE @MyVar datetime = x


So this would return:-

1/1/2010 2/1/2010 3/1/2010 4/1/2010 5/1/2010

I need this to return the data as one resultset, not the multiple resultsets, so I may want to use some sort of union at the end of the query, so every iteration of the loop unions onto the next.

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SQL is primarily a set-orientated language - it is generally a bad idea to use a loop in it.

In this case, the same result could be achieved using a recursive CTE:

with cte as
(select 1 i union all
 select i+1 i from cte where i < 5)
select dateadd(d, i-1, '2010-01-01') from cte

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