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Is learning AI similar to learning programming?

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not really. it is more likely to be as clever as the data analysts.

Modern AI is not really programmed it is taught. Now, this does depend on what type of AI we are talking about. for example I believe the modern AI methods have little value because well they are on way to teach the AI before releasing the game and it only really advantageous if you want an unbeatable AI. 

Modern AI as I said is taught not programmed. we have dozens of methods using neural networks and available statistical methods. now programming new methods are still being done but it is mostly limited to universities and research laboratories whether public or private. the people whose task it is to teach AI methods are data analysts who work at producing the tests and interpreting the data. whilst this is still done a lot using code, python is very popular for this, there are more and more tools that allow you to use a graphical interface and no need to touch code. some examples are Dataiku and azure ML. So being a clever programmer is going to help integrate your model into the production service you a producing but it is not required.

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