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I am trying to calculate a 6-month rolling sum of the 'Booked' column pictured below. I am still learning Power BI and can't seem to figure out a way to do this. Basically, the perfect solution would create another column where each month had a total for the previous 6 months of booked dollars.

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To get Power BI Rolling 6 Month Sum...

For your understanding, I’ll take the table name as "Sales".

First, you need to create several base measures:

[Total Booked Sales]:= SUM(Sales[Booked]) [Period

 End]:=LASTDATE('Sales'[Date]) [Period Start]:= FIRSTDATE(

 DATESINPERIOD('Sales'[Date], [Period End], -6, MONTH))

After that you need to calculate rolling 6-months sales:

Sales 6 Months:=CALCULATE( [Total Booked Sales],

DATESBETWEEN ( 'Sales'[Date], [Period Start], [Period End] ))

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