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I'm plotting the missions ran by the USAF on North Korea during the Korean War.

The following is the map with 2800 plots.

enter image description here

I have a total of about 7500 plots, but whenever I try to plot above 2800 a blank map renders. I'm rendering on a pc laptop. Would it render if I use a desktop? Or is this a limit with folium?

I'm not speculating that it's an issue with the data. I'll share the coordinates data in case someone would like to explore it: link to public excel sheet.

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Use this code that takes ~10ms to render the map.

import pandas as pd

import json

from folium.plugins import FastMarkerCluster

rome_lat, rome_lng = 41.9028, 12.4964

with open("file_name.json", 'r') as f:

  # create a new DataFrame

  samples = pd.DataFrame(json.loads(        

# init the folium map object

my_map = folium.Map(location=[rome_lat, rome_lng], zoom_start=5)

# add all the point from the file to the map object using FastMarkerCluster

my_map.add_child(FastMarkerCluster(samples[['latitude', longitude']].values.tolist()))

# save the map"save_file.html")

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