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I am currently working in RPA tool UIPATH. I now have to integrate UIPATH with SVN. I don`t have an idea to proceed. Please help me on how to integrate UIPATH with SVN?

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I know two ways that you could do this but for both, you should have a repository created in the SVN server and you should have required permissions for the repo URL.

1.Using TortoiseSVN client:

  • Download the client installer and install it in your machine.
  • Go to the folder where your source code is there, right-click > SVN Checkout.
  • Enter the URL of the repository and make sure of the Checkout directory. Click OK.
  • A prompt to enter User Name and Password will be displayed. Enter valid details and click OK.
  • The source code will be bonded to your repository.
  • Now open the UI Path studio and open the project that you added into the repository.
  • Open Projects Tab. You could see an indication that the project is already connected to SVN. Connected to Source

2. Directly Connecting from UI Path Studio:

  • Open the UI Path studio and open the project that you want to connect to the repository.
  • Open Projects Tab. On the action bar, there will be an icon to connect to source control.Connect To Source
  • Click on the icon, Select SVN and click "Connect to Project".
  • A prompt to enter the Repository URL will be popped out. Enter the repository URL and your credentials.
  • On clicking OK, the project will be added to your repository and In the projects tab, you could see an indication to show the project is connected to SVN.

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