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I have a table that is a collection entry as to when a user was logged on.

username, date,      value


brad,     1/2/2010,  1.1

fred,     1/3/2010,  1.0

bob,      8/4/2009,  1.5

brad,     2/2/2010,  1.2

fred,     12/2/2009, 1.3 etc..

How do I create a query that would give me the latest date for each user?

Update: I forgot that I needed to have a value that goes along with the latest date.

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Try using the below code:


select t.username,, t.value

from MyTable t

inner join (

    select username, max(date) as MaxDate

    from MyTable

    group by username

) tm on t.username = tm.username and = tm.MaxDate

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