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import ftplib

import urllib2

import os

import logging

logger = logging.getLogger('ftpuploader')

hdlr = logging.FileHandler('ftplog.log')

formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)s')




FTPADDR = "some ftp address"

def upload_to_ftp(con, filepath):


            f = open(filepath,'rb')     # file to send             con.storbinary('STOR '+ filepath, f) 

           # Send the file 

           f.close()     # Close file and FTP

'File successfully uploaded to '+ FTPADDR)

       except, e:

            logger.error('Failed to upload to ftp: '+ str(e))

This doesn't seem to work, I get a syntax error, what is the proper way of doing this for logging all kind of exceptions to a file

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For python exception message capturing you are required to define which type of exception you want to catch. So to do so you will write except Exception, e: instead of except, e that you have written.

  • So below is the correct way of writing the try/except code which you should write in your code as well to capture the exception message.

  • Another important advice if you are using Python 3.x then instead of except Exception e you are advised to use except Exception as e.


   with open(filepath,'rb') as f:

         con.storbinary('STOR '+ filepath, f)
'File successfully uploaded to '+ FTPADDR)

except Exception, e:

       logger.error('Failed to upload to ftp: '+ str(e))

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