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Are there particular programming languages that newcomers should emphasize for a career in Cloud & DevOps?

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For a career in Cloud & DevOps, a fresher should focus on programming languages such as Python and Bash. Python is widely used for automation, scripting, and interacting with cloud APIs, making it a versatile and essential language in the DevOps toolkit. Bash scripting is valuable for managing system tasks and command-line operations. Proficiency in these languages empowers freshers to automate workflows, deploy infrastructure as code, and enhance their overall efficiency in cloud and DevOps environments. If you aspire to enter the cloud computing industry, consider enrolling in pertinent training programs. Intellipaat offers courses led by industry professionals, covering emerging technologies. These in-depth courses include essential concepts, hands-on labs, and certification preparation, facilitating a seamless career transition. Enroll in Intellipaat's courses to streamline your entry into cloud computing. Watch the video below to see success stories of previous Intellipaat learners who successfully switched their careers to cloud computing.

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