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Recently i started working on RPA - BluePrism and i am stuck at one place and not able to proceed further.

I have a HTML table and no of rows is dynamic based on search criteria. i am able to get the rows values in a collection. But the problem is i need to highlight the table row->click button->will open popup->fill few values->close and select 2nd row->follow the same process.

I don't know how to highlight the table row(i cannot create static elements in ApplicationModeller since the rows will be populated dynamically). Please provide some suggestions.

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This can be solved by:

  • Make a spy table

  • make a list over the column in which the content will be present.

  • read the content and store in a collection

  • loop the collection

  • in the loop have two calc stages one counter and one that will save the correct row

  • have a choice stage checking if the current row contains what you want if true set the correct row to be equal to the counter. If False set the counter to +1.

Then when the loop is done, you can take a navigate and point it to the row num that is stored in the "correct row"-data item.

This what I had to do for a system in which the tables differ in the amount of rows.

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