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I have a Visual Studio solution which includes a Test project having Selenium Tests.

(I already have a compilation build triggered by version control checkin (Mercurial))

But I want to have a separate (nightly) Build Configuration which runs the Selenium tests, ideally under MSTest.

I assume I need Selenium Server for this? If so, what's the best way to fire it up before running the tests? Should I do this from the MSBuild script or use a Build Step from Team City itself? Do I need to fire up Cassini\WebDev.WebServer first of all so the following can run:

selenium = new DefaultSelenium("localhost", 4444, "*firefox", "http://localhost:49192/");

I have a Build Server with TeamCity 6.5.1 installed. I have a VS2010 installed.

Surely someone has done this! Desperate for some help here guys. If any one could offer any examples, that would be appreciated.

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Here are some pages that I found interesting which might be very useful.

Regression testing for any web application with TeamCity, Selenium, and JUnit

Selenium browser UnitTesting from TeamCity

So there is one solution that converts the HTML files recorded with Selenium IDE to Java to be run with JUnit in TeamCity and the other approach is creating your test scripts in C#.

Check out this topic, "Running Selenium Tests through Teamcity, can it be done?" describes a problem while running the Build Agent as a service, hence which will help you continue running the agent as a service.



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