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How can we differentiate between continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps?  How are they related to continuous builds and deployments?

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DevOps is the environment that allows easy implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipeline. Continuous integration or continuous delivery pipeline consists of build, deploy, test, and release pipeline. The pipeline feature is very time saving. In other words, a pipeline is a group of build jobs that are chained and integrated in sequence.

Continuous integration is nothing but everyone in the developers team merging code changes to a central repository multiple times a day. Each merge triggers an automated build and testing sequence for the given project.

But before talking about Continuous Deployment let us get a gist of what Continuous Delivery is. The idea of Continuous Delivery is to do CI, plus automatically prepare and track a release to production. But this process typically includes at least one manual step of approving and initiating a deploy to production.

Whereas Continuous Deployment is a step up from Continuous Delivery in which every change in the source code is deployed to production automatically, without explicit approval from a developer. 

I hope things are a bit clear to you now. 

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