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What is SQL and why is it important?

SQL programs are put in place by other companies and institutions as a way to access and manipulate information and data stored in their databases, as well as to create and modify new tables. To reach the best results by asking questions and drawing conclusions

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SQL: Acronym for SQL is Structured Query Language. SQL is used to put the data into a database manipulate the data or extract it out.

Need for SQL

If you are working on large data sets, then conventional data tools such as MS-Excel, spreadsheets will not be able to manage or handle the data. Large data could be in the following form:

Suppose you are using too many rows of data. For example, if a person wants to use a credit amount then to understand the customer behaviors, customer's transactions, customer support inquiries the bank has to use huge and different types of data which will be difficult to manage by traditional data tools. That is the major reason why database software was invented.

Usage of SQL:

  • SQL can be used to execute queries against a database
  • It can also be used to retrieve data from a database
  • By using SQL, you can insert records in a database
  • SQL can be used to update records in a database
  • It  can also, be used to delete records from a database
  • SQL can be used to create new databases
  • You can use SQL to create new tables in a database
  • You can also use SQL to create stored procedures in a database
  • SQL can be used to create views in a database
  • It can also set permissions on tables, procedures, and views

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