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I have created a hybrid mobile application using Salesforce Ionic starter app from this url:

I am facing a problem, that every time a user logs in he has to allow the connected app. I think it should be only once that the user should Allow and for his subsequent logins, he should be given the access normally as done with Facebook or Twitter OAuth.

I think I am not setting some parameter or making some call properly.

I am using the ForceJS SDK and calling the force.init to initialize it. It automatically calls the custom salesforce OAuth plugin for Cordova. Please help.

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If you are using SDK, your app must be allowed. If it's not, then there is some problem in your Salesforce settings. Go to:

Setup > Administration Setup > Manage Apps > Connected Apps and have a look at Require Users to Log In option. 

Check if it's set so that the users need to log in the first time they use the app, and the permissions are maintained? 

This should help.

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