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I'm trying to implement "Stochastic gradient descent" in MATLAB. I followed the algorithm exactly but I'm getting a VERY VERY large w (coefficients) for the prediction/fitting function. Do I have a mistake in the algorithm?

The Algorithm :enter image description here

x = 0:0.1:2*pi      // X-axis

    n = size(x,2);      

    r = -0.2+(0.4).*rand(n,1);  //generating random noise to be added to the sin(x) function



    for i=1:n

        t(i)=sin(x(i))+r(i);          // adding the noise

        y(i)=sin(x(i));               // the function without noise


    f = round(1+rand(20,1)*n);        //generating random indexes

    h = x(f);                         //choosing random x points

    k = t(f);                         //chossing random y points

    m=size(h,2);                     // length of the h vector

    scatter(h,k,'Red');              // drawing the training points (with noise)


    hold on;

    plot(x,sin(x));                 // plotting the Sin function

    w = [0.3 1 0.5];                    // starting point of w

    a=0.05;                         // learning rate "alpha"

// ---------------- ALGORITHM ---------------------//

    for i=1:20

        v = [1 h(i) h(i).^2];                      // X vector

        e = ((w*v') - k(i)).*v;            // prediction - observation

        w = w - a*e;                       // updating w


    hold on;

    l = 0:1:6;

    g = w(1)+w(2)*l+w(3)*(l.^2);

    plot(l,g,'Yellow');                      // drawing the prediction function

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Typically, if we ended up with too large values, there is .overfitting. If you take too big learning rate, SGD is likely to diverge. The learning rate should converge to zero

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