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A project on GitHub that I have a fork of has a new pull request that I want to pull into my fork that the author has not pulled in yet.

Is there a simple way to apply pull requests from other forks into my fork? Is there something else here that I am missing?

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For this, you can do it manually 

Add a fork as your new remote repository using:

git remote add otherfork git://

Then you need to fetch the remote

git fetch otherfork

For pull, you have 2 options: 

One, you can rebase the branch on which your pull request is formed. But this will ignore the eventual commits between origin and pull request. 

git rebase master otherfork/pull-request-branch

Or if you need all the commits in the pull request, then find SHA -1

And use cherry-pick

git cherry-pick <first-SHA> <second SHA>

Thus, you can unmerge upstream pull requests from other forks to your forks.

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