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How do I create and/or send a pull request to another repository hosted on GitHub?

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  1. 1. Navigate to the main page of the repository on github.

    2. Now choose the branch that contains your commits in the "Branch" menu

  2. Branch dropdown menu

  3. 3. In order to the right of the Branch menu, click New pull request.

    Pull Request button

  4. 4. Use the base branch dropdown menu to select the branch you'd like to merge your changes into, then use the compare branch drop-down menu to choose the topic branch you made your changes in.

    Drop-down menus for choosing the base and compare branches

  5. 5. Type a title and description for your pull request.

    Pull request title and description fields

  6. 6. To create a pull request that is ready for review, click Create Pull Request. To create a draft pull request, use the drop-down and select Create Draft Pull Request, then click Draft Pull Request.

    Create pull request button

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