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I would like to make some modifications to the scala code of without having to rebuild the whole Spark. Since we can append jar files to the execution of either spark-submit, or pySpark. Is it possible to compile a modified copy of and override the default methods of Spark, or at least create new ones? Thanks.

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1.Create a new Class 

2.Then, extend

3.After that override the respective methods without any modification of the source code.

class CustomLogisticRegression extends LogisticRegression { override def toString(): String = "This is overridden Logistic Regression Class" }

Running Logistic Regression With the new CustomLogisticRegression class

val data = sqlCtx.createDataFrame(MLUtils.loadLibSVMFile(sc, "/opt/spark/spark-1.5.2-bin-hadoop2.6/data/mllib/sample_libsvm_data.txt")) val customLR = new CustomLogisticRegression() .setMaxIter(10) .setRegParam(0.3) .setElasticNetParam(0.8) val customLRModel = val originalLR = new LogisticRegression() .setMaxIter(10) .setRegParam(0.3) .setElasticNetParam(0.8) val originalLRModel = // Print the intercept for logistic regression println(s"Custom Class's Intercept: ${customLRModel.intercept}") println(s"Original Class's Intercept: ${originalLRModel.intercept}") println(customLR.toString()) println(originalLR.toString())

Output: Custom Class's Intercept: 0.22456315961250317 Original Class's Intercept: 0.22456315961250317 This is overridden Logistic Regression Class logreg_1cd811a145d7

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