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I want to create a multi-select Contact Lookup.

What I want :

When a user clicks on a lookup then he should be able to select multiple contacts from that.

What I have done:

I have created an object and a field inside that object using both

"Lookup" and

"MasterDetail Relationship" and

"Junction Object"

When I try to use this Field for any input text/Field then it always provides an option to select only one value from lookup but I want to have an option to select multiple.

Even in the Junction object, I have created 2 master-detail relationships still lookup allows only one value to be selected. Moreover, it makes the field mandatory which i don't want.

Links that I followed:

Can anybody suggest me how to do this?

It is same as we use Email CC/BCC under Send Email option for any Lead.

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If you are looking for adding multiple junction objects at a time, the only solution is a custom Visualforce page.

For a slightly different problem, where we need to assign many of object B to object A, We have trained our users to do this with a view on object B. We are assigning Billing Accounts (B) to Payment Offices (A). The view on Billing Account has check boxes on the left side. The user checks the Billing Accounts to be assigned, then double-clicks on the Payment Office field on any of the checked rows. A pop-up asks if you want to update only the single row or all checked rows. By selecting 'all checked rows', the update is done to all of them.

The view is created by the user, who enters the selection criteria (name, address, state, etc.). All user-created views are visible only to them.

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