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Suppose I have a process Load Queue (process X) that fills the Work Queue with elements that needs to be handled (Only one resource can do this). Is it possible when this process ends to signal multiple resources to start another process for processing the workqueue? Like if process X ends for each available resource start process Y on it ?

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 if i am not wrong what you're looking for is scheduling Tasks as part of a larger Schedule

you should follow:

  1. Create a schedule for the overall Business Process your individual Blue Prism Processes are associated with, scheduling the recurrence of the Schedule as required.
  2. Create a task for the Load Queue process, and assign the process to the single resource you want to run the process itself. Set the Schedule to launch this Task first.
  3. Create another task for the Main Process, and assign the process to all the resources you'd like to have run the queue processing functionality you've developed. Set this Task to run "On Complete" in the Load Queue task.
  4. Enable the Schedule, or right-click the Schedule and select the "Run Now" option to see it execute.

You'll see that the first process is executed on the single resource you've selected. Only once that process has been Completed will the Schedule will then launch the processing phase on the multiple resources you've assigned it to.

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