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I am trying to automate a process in blue prism where I am using multiple applications. The applications need to collect information such as email addresses, and retain them and then use that same data information on a different business object.

For example, my first business object logs onto a program to collect email addresses from users. Then a different application should be opened in a new object but I need to transfer that data across as obviously the email addresses will change every time so I don't believe I can use the environmental section.

I have worked out how to transfer data from object --> Process, but I can't get it object --> object or Process --> Object.

If anyone has any ideas or work arounds for my problem that would be great.

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You can do this: 

You can transfer data from Object to Process, and from Process to Object. 

In the Object you just need to double click on End Stage and add an Outputs. 

In Process you need to specify where to store the data.

End Stage

Then you can use this outputs in process and transfer them to another Object using Inputs. To do this, you need to double click on Start Stage of your next Object and add an Inputs there. And In Process you need to specify from what variable data should be taken.

Start Stage

And you should not interact object to object. The whole data should be retain in the process layer.

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