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I am trying to get data from salesforce API using SOQL method. Problem is that when sending ajax getting request it encodes URL that results in failure of $ajax request.

How can I send plain URL in ajax request without encoding URL?

A sample request is HERE:


                             type: "GET",

                             url: " Id FROM Contact WHERE Email= '" + Email + "'",

                             headers: {

                                 "Authorization": "OAuth " + access_token,

                                 'Content-Type': 'text/plain'


                             crossDomain: true,

                             dataType: 'application/json',

                             success: function (responseData) {



                             error: function (request, status, error) {




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It seems like it returns an undefined response and plain text URL without special chars so that SOQL can be executed. Right? So, for that, try using the following things:

  1. q=SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Email= '" + Email should work fine in postman it returns response data.
  2. replace the spaces with "+" 
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