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I have a simple question: How do I download an image from an S3 bucket to Lambda function temp folder for processing? Basically, I need to attach it to an email (this I can do when testing locally).

I have tried:

s3.download_file(bucket, key, '/tmp/image.png')

as well as (not sure which parameters will help me get the job done):

s3.getObject(params, (err, data) => {

    if (err) {


        const message = `Error getting object ${key} from bucket ${bucket}.`;



    } else {

        console.log('CONTENT TYPE:', data.ContentType);

        callback(null, data.ContentType);



Like I said, simple question, which for some reason I can't find a solution for.

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Use AWS S3 API to get the image, then use fs to write it to the tmp folder.

var params = {   Bucket: "BUCKET_NAME",   Key: "OBJECT_KEY" };  

s3.getObject(params, function(err, data){   if (err) {

    console.error(err.code, "-", err.message);

    return callback(err);   }

  fs.writeFile('/tmp/filename', data.Body, function(err){


      console.log(err.code, "-", err.message);

    return callback(err);   



You can learn more about Amazon S3 on AWS S3.

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