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I am using Django & Salesforce.

I establish a connection between them through simple-salesforce

I have created a custom picklist on Contact Object of Salesforce.

I wont to fetch all the 20 values of my picklist & display in Django.

I am looking for SOQL to fetch values from Salesforce.

sf = Salesforce(instance_url='', session_id='')

sf1 = Salesforce(connection parameters)

sf3 = sf1.query("SELECT Color__c FROM Contact")

sf3 will give me values set for respective Contact records.

I want to fetch all the 20 values I have entered while creating Color__c on Contact object. In Apex we can do that, something like below

public class PicklistUtil { 

    public static List<Schema.PicklistEntry> getContactColor() { 

        return Contact.Color__c.getDescribe().getPicklistValues(); 



I am looking to do the same in Django. Can someone please help?

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There might be a stable way, but the following should work:

d = sf1.Contact.describe()

for f in d['fields']:

    if f['name'] == 'Color__c':


picklist = f['picklistValues']

picklist should then be a list of OrderedDicts.

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