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I want to implement a simple SVM classifier, in the case of high-dimensional binary data (text), for which I think a simple linear SVM is best. The reason for implementing it myself is basically that I want to learn how it works, so using a library is not what I want.

The problem is that most tutorials go up to an equation that can be solved as a "quadratic problem", but they never show an actual algorithm! So could you point me either to a very simple implementation I could study, or (better) to a tutorial that goes all the way to the implementation details?

Thanks a lot!

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Some pseudocode for the Sequential Minimal Optimization (SMO) method can be found in this paper by John C. Platt: Fast Training of Support Vector Machines using Sequential Minimal Optimization. There is also a Java implementation of the SMO algorithm, which is developed for research and educational purpose (SVM-JAVA).

Other commonly used methods to solve the QP optimization problem include:

  • constrained conjugate gradients
  • interior-point methods
  • active set methods
Studying about SVM would be quite useful in understanding this.

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