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For an assignment, I have to make a multi-agent system (very open-ended, but a short project), something like predator/prey or traffic simulation? It will be written in Jason/Agent speak. I am at a loss for ideas as to what to implement (what is feasible?), as it can be anything, the more bizarre the better!

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Multi-agent systems consist of agents and their environment. Generally, multi-agent systems research refers to software agents. Though, the agents in a multi-agent system could equally well be robots, humans or human teams. A multi-agent system may contain combined human-agent teams.

Agents can be segmented into types spanning simple to complex. Categories include:

● Passive agents or "agent without goals" (such as obstacle, apple or key in any easy simulation)

● Active agents with simple goals (for example, birds in flocks, or wolf–sheep in prey-predator model)

● Cognitive agents (complex calculations)

For more information regarding the potential of a Multi-Agent System Approach for Production Control in Smart Factories, refer to the following link:

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