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I am currently using, to create agent to perform specific tasks, but one question I don't have answer to is, can I make it learn something while chatting, mean that I speak my name is 'John Cena' and she should store it and then whenever I ask her again bot should answer me that. I know there is a way to do it by logging into the web and manually add entries, but it will not help, is there any workaround programmatically or automatically? the file I've been using to practice is given in GitHub . and here is working DEMO

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You just have to train your model to learn the facts. Dialogflow's NLP is based on machine learning, you can add all the training data that the agent learns from and uses to improve its performance.

Dialogflow's training feature provides an interface to the model for incorporating both external and internal customer interaction logs into an agent's training phrases. You can use this feature to build a new Dialogflow agent using logs of existing customer interactions and to improve the performance of a live Dialogflow agent using its own logs.

 For more information regarding the learning of model, refer the following link:

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