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Jenkins has the Gerrit Plugin in place so that when we do check-ins to Gerrit, Jenkins performs a build and if it succeeds, then the modification in Gerrit is verified. If the build fails then it is not. My understanding is that this is accomplished through jobs set up in Jenkins. We have now created a new branch (git) and I guess I need to clone the existing jobs pointing to the other branch so that this same workflow occurs and builds are performed on every commit. Can somebody explain how I would clone these jobs? I don't seem to see a way to do it through the UI nor can I even see a way to list the jobs out through the UI.

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You can clone a job:

  • Click on 'New Item' link
  • Give a new name for your job
  • Select radio button 'Copy existing Item'
  • Give the job name that you want to clone
  • Click 'OK'

Finally, you have your new job, which reflects all the features of your cloned one.

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