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In artificial intelligence, I am now reading about planning. But as naive to AI, I couldn't get the point they are insisting on the 'difference between planning and search'.

I have procedural programming knowledge like C/C++, and I can do a search based on data structures.

And I couldn't understand the example of Buy(ISBN0123654789) and Have(ISBN0123456789) given in 'Artificial Intelligence: A modern approach - Stuart Russell' in which they gave, search a ten digit ISBN number will take 10 billion actions.

My question is about how searching a book will need 10 billion actions, but planning doesn't.

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Planning is the process of computing several steps of a problem-solving procedure before executing any of them 

This problem can be solved by search 

The main difference between search and planning is the representation of states 

In search, states are represented as a single entity (which may be quite a complex object, but its internal structure is not used by the search algorithm). Whereas in planning, states have structured representations (collections of properties) that are used by the planning algorithm.


Answering to your question, planning only do predictions and just tells us the outcomes but searching need coding that's why it has 100 actions.

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