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Define Artificial Intelligence. What are its domains?

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In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines or computers, that are programmed into them through codes to mimic the natural intelligence demonstrated by humans. Research in AI has been going on for over several decades now. AI has never been able to take off from the ground, owing to lack of computing technology, that is needed to mimic human intelligence, through neural networks, and many other gateways, which is now available in the hands of researchers who are accelerating the pace of innovation in AI.

AI could be labeled as an umbrella term, under which there are several terms, that combinedly collaborate to create human-level intelligence in due course of time. The different domains of AI are Formal tasks, Mundane Tasks, and Expert Tasks. Let us discuss them one by one:

  • Mundane Tasks or Ordinary tasks are the tasks that are comparatively fundamental, and basic, like, Planning, Reasoning, Robotics, using Computer Vision, NLP, etc.
  • Formal Tasks are the tasks that need deals with verification, theorem proving, deals with Math, Games, etc.
  • And Expert Tasks are those tasks, which involves scientific analysis, and different domain analysis, like Financial, healthcare, creative aspects, etc.

Now researchers have understood that to solve mundane tasks, they need, better and more efficient algorithms, and a much more knowledge base to help them tackle the problems they have set out to solve. And that is the reason that AI, has shifted more on working with Expert Tasks, to enhance the capabilities of the AI system. I suppose you are highly interested in learning more about AI and wish to get trained and certified in this domain, in that regard, I recommend you check out the Artificial Intelligence course from Intellipaat. Also, watch the following video on AI tutorial for Beginners.

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