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How do I use the new line character in R?

myStringVariable <- "Very Nice ! I like";

myStringVariabel <- paste(myStringVariable, "\n", sep="");

The above code DOESN'T work

P.S There are significant challenges when googling this kind of stuff since the query "R new line character" does seem to confuse google. I really wish R had a different name.

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When you simply print out a vector, the nature of R is such that you're never going to have a newline in a character vector.

> print("hello\nworld\n")

 [1] "hello\nworld\n"

That is, the newlines are in the string, they just don't get printed as new lines. However, you can use other functions if you want to print them, such as cat:

> cat("hello\nworld\n") hello world

You can also use the writelines() function as follows:




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