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Trying to implement OCR in the bank environment but the challenge is, we don't have access to an internet connection for security reasons.

"Handwritten and scanned document to be digitalized"

open source like Tesseract OCR is good for normal English but most of our documents are in handwritten Arabic. I have tried Google OCR API here which has AI & ML works better with Arabic handwritten and more accuracy. I have google cloud, created storage, and uploaded handwritten Arabic image in the bucket then executed the internal command in cloud terminal that is giving proper result.

External API Call:

curl -X POST \

     -H "Authorization: Bearer "$(gcloud auth application-default print-access-token) \

     -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8" \

     --data "{

      'requests': [


          'image': {

            'source': {

              'imageUri': 'gs://vision-api-handwriting-ocr-bucket/handwriting_image.png'



          'features': [


              'type': 'DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION'





    }" ""

Internal Google Cloud cmd:

gcloud ml vision detect-document "gs://vision-api-handwriting-ocr-bucket/handwriting_image.png"

The above internal google cloud cmd code works fine in my case. The same I need to implement in the local system. Is there any possibility to install same Google cloud environment and their OCR engine in local? If it's priced also no problem ready to pay and buy. Resource like high configured servers, networks everything already available in our bank.

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As of now (2019), Google Cloud OCR is the best OCR that I know. So if you need offline OCR and/or better privacy, you will have to accept a lower OCR quality. Learn how to perform optical character recognition (OCR) on the Google Cloud Platform through this link:

Answering your question, no, you cannot make an internal Google API call as it is available online only.

Offline Arabic OCR Alternatives:

If you wish to know more about Optical Character Recognition then visit this Artificial Intelligence Course.

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