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I am facing a weird issue, we have developed a BOT which runs on BOT runner(virtual machine). the job of BOT is to download an xml from source system(website) and then populate data into target system(website) by reading downloaded XML. All goes well when we are connected to virtual machine and BOT is able to populate data in target system correctly however it doesn't work correctly when we lock or disconnect virtual machine. Mostly we have used object cloning and managed web control. When machine is locked or disconnected both object cloning and managed web control do not work correctly.

Any help is much appreciated.


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The reason you’re facing this issue is the last user to remote into machine locks the desktop which prevents the tool from connecting hence it doesn't work, you can make it work  by either using a Run bot runner session in the control room ( although this will require a lot of configuration changes that you’ll have to make referring the automation anywhere documentation based on the version of the tool you are using) or you can create a batch file each time you log off your system.

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