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I have a set of URLs. I need to know how much time it takes for each URL to load completely (by noting down the start time and the end time. I am able to capture the start time).

The problem is each URL are completely different from each other. There is no common object that comes for each URL when they are loaded completely so that I can do object cloning and capture the object. So I wrote different logic for different each URL. I want to write a single bot which will check the time for each and every URL.

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All websites should be treated differently. Due to the increase in technological dimensions, and massive javascript. It is difficult to treat all equally

Because of the present preloading of site and broad javascript, it's difficult to make a content/bot which treats all URLs similarly. 

Pick a component on the site which is loaded last and use Object Cloning to 'pause' for it to show up. This should give you a decent surmised time Also loading of a website depends on the internet speed.

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