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Below is the error massage which was generated when i perform the push and clone commands I tried with by generating token as well SSH. The Os i am using was Windows 10 64 bit for the security consult i removed the organisation name  

C:\Users\amartur\Desktop\DevOps>git clone https://github.< organisation name>.com/amartur/devops-course.git

Cloning into 'devops-course'...

remote: Password authentication is not available for Git operations.

remote: You must use a personal access token or SSH key.

remote: See https://github.< organisation name>.com/settings/tokens or https://github. < organisation   name>  .com/settings/ssh

fatal: unable to access 'https://github.< organisation name>.com/amartur/devops-course.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403

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I think you have cloned the upstream repo where you do not have write access. You are supposed to fork this repo into your account, clone your fork locally, make changes in your local clone, push it back to your fork, and create pull request to this repo. This is the process of how you contribute to the project. To resolve this, please fork the repo into your account and then clone the forked repo and work on it and push it back to the forked repo then you can ask your organization for push and pull requests.

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