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I'm unable to configure my UiPath Robot with Orchestrator settings as Orchestrator URL and Machine key is blank and on giving the URL as, https://platform.uipath.com , the Machine key still remains blank. Could you help me configure the UiRobot on my PC or is there anything that i'm missing to configure before the Robot configuration


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we have found something related to this issue.
Hi, there are a couple of things missing here. First, the orchestrator URL that you need to provide is of your service , so when you open platform.uipath.com after logging in , click on services on the left hand side then click on the service which you are connecting your pc to . when you click that a new tab will open , your orchestrator url is url of this service from https:// to the service name . I have attached screenshot for your reference
now secondly talking about your machine key, this machine key is of the machine which has been initialized with the orchestrator, so first, you need to make a connection with your machine, if you have done that just follow the steps to get machine key

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