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What is the RPA Tool?

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In order to create, develop, design, and implement RPA systems, RPA Developers make use of some tools. These are known as RPA tools. These tools help the bot to make necessary decisions and perform the actions based on the input it gathers from various other systems. They allow the bot to interact with the systems using API or through screen scraping.

The RPA tools can be categorized into 3 types: Programmable RPA bots, Self-learning tools, and Cognitive automation bots. The Programmable RPA bots include programming to help the bots understand the tasks and actions that they need to perform. The Self-learning tools understand the process from the developers and start to perform the necessary tasks. The Cognitive automation bots are advanced self-learning bots that are augmented with Machine Learning, image recognition and other advanced functionalities.

Some of the most popular RPA tools include:

  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Nice
  • Workfusion
  • Softmotive

If you want to learn more about RPA Tools then you should read RPA Tutorial.

You must also watch this RPA video:

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