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Does anyone know if it's possible to change an existing AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment to an Application Load Balancer (instead of a classic one)?

As far as I know, only Application ELB's can be protected with AWS WAF and DDOS "Shield" so any existing EB app can't take advantage of these features since they have classic ELB's.

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As Per AWS Documentation:

The Elastic Beanstalk Environment Management Console only supports creating and managing an Elastic Beanstalk environment with a Classic Load Balancer. For other options, see Application Load Balancer and Network Load Balancer.


Note You can only set the load balancer type during environment creation. (Refer AWS Documentation)

So when you deploy the application to Elastic Beanstalk via AWS CLI:


eb create test-env --elb-type network


eb create test-env --elb-type application

You can read more about Elb on AWS Elb.

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